Democrats can Win TX District 27

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By Michael Gomez
Feb. 25, 2018 at 3:26 p.m.

I know it’s very difficult for a democrat to win in our heavily gerrymandered 27th red district but the opposition have put up some very beatable candidates. It’s an uphill battle but I firmly believe if we vote, we win.

 They don’t have an incumbent, they are all Trumplicans, they are all running on the same outdated boilerplate campaign rhetoric and they have not addressed our current issues. One of the GOP candidates exaggerated his background, another posted a racist sign in a previous run for Senate and this District 27th House seat was   was vacated in the midst of a scandal.

If I had to guess, Bech Bruun, a lawyer, will win the GOP nomination because he has the Corpus Christi Caller endorsement, along with the Corpus Christi sheriff and mayor. It’s not that surprising that Mr. Bruun is the leading fundraising so far. I read his website which said that he is the former chairman of the Texas Water Development and worked alongside with Governor Abbott and Rick Perry. I checked his impressive Twitter feed reveling a lot of endorsements from judges and legislators.

The GOP candidates are for shrinking government instead of effective government, and want to “starve the beast” so we can privatize the rest. I would like to know if they are behind another libertarian/republican, Paul Ryan, who wants to reform (cut) entitlements. Ask them if they will join the Freedom Caucus. One of the candidates is proud of his endorsement from Ron Paul, a man who voted against Hurricane Rita aid so he could keep his 100% conservative rating; knowing full well his colleagues would vote for the FEMA aid. Don’t get me started on Ron Paul, I’m glad he’s retired. They all say that they will protect the 2nd Amendment….. From what and how about the other 26 constitutional amendments? I can hear the dog whistle. In today’s climate, is that a message to the NRA that they are in lockstep with whatever they decide is acceptable? All constitutional amendments are safe and sound.

 I never will never understand republicans seeking a job in government which they find beneath them. They all want to reduce the size of government to the size of a small rural post office. They want to willy- nilly cut regulations without mentioning which ones or why; just the standard “inhibits economic growth. “That’s all good until the next oil spill, economic crisis similar to the one in 2008 or the reasons the regulations were put there in the first place. 

So many people continue to act as if they above the fray and claim they want someone who will condemn the current rhetoric. Independents will have to vote for a Democrat or a Republican, unless they want to vote for a losing write-in candidate, so they are just as responsible for what they get. The primaries are where you get to weed out the talking points from reality. Ask the GOP candidates if they agree with Dana Loesch that the media loves mass shootings because of the bump in the ratings. Ask the Dems if they think Dana is the NRA’s Tokyo Rose. That way you’ll know if you are getting wingnuts or a serious person who rises above the ad hominem.

Today’s conservatives are not your daddy’s conservatives nor are they the friends I used to work with. Who would have thought that today’s conservatives would distrust the FBI, kick Mona Charen out a CPAC convention and boo a speaker for saying that we are a nation of immigrants?   

Our Democratic candidates shouldn’t have to fear any of the GOP candidates. I boke our field down to two and voted for one but I could support either. I liked their columns stressing a need to compromise and working with the opposition, unlike the GOP candidates. Voters say they want compromise instead of the partisan bickering where nothing gets done.

Our candidates should tie their eventual opponent to Trump, Ryan, and McConnell because you know the republican candidate will pull out the Pelosi/ Schumer playbook. Ask them about Ryan’s vow to reform the entitlements which amounts to cuts. Is the republican candidate against family unification (chained migration) and is legal status for DACA considered amnesty? How will they differ from Trump? Ask for specifics. Make them own their far-right extremist views. It is my opinion that our candidates have to rely on new votes because the old conservatives will vote for their own in the Republican primary and general. 

I can’t remember the last time we had a good district representative who represented all his constituents not just the libertarians and Tea Party types.

 Millennials have a chance to change things by voting in this off-season election and again in 2020 presidential. You don’t like the gerrymandered districts, let’s take the necessary steps to change them.  

I didn’t like the results of the early voting data not that many from my side voted. I don’t know if it was because many voted in the GOP primary, so they could vote in the local DA race or that we traditionally vote on the last day. Perhaps, the central early voting venue was a problem. Hopefully this data won’t matter but I hope Dems voting in the GOP primary didn’t replant that seed that Dems can’t win in Victoria Country.



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