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A Glance at Flooring Trends of 2018

Dec. 13, 2017 at midnight

Buying new flooring ranks right down there with tax audits and visits to the dentist when it comes to what people want to do with their time. This is especially true given the vast landscape of options on the market today. Fortunately, there are some flooring options -- both classic and revolutionary -- that shift the experience to make the shopping experience far less cumbersome.

Take a look at the flooring trends set to take center stage in 2018, and you'll likely agree.

Organic and Recyclable Flooring

"We're surrounded by high tech. Not just houses and vehicles can be smart, but floors too. In the future, they could convert our footsteps into energy," explains designer Alfredo Haberli.

In a time when environmental issues are forefront on many minds, it's no wonder that flooring manufacturers are taking note. Estimates suggest that 3.6 billion pounds of carpet have been recycled since 2002. This upcycled upgrade option from carpet reclamation centers looks great, survives the test of time, and improve the sustainability practices of remodeling businesses.

Other organic materials shaping the flooring forecast for 2018 include cork, graphics, and laser prints. For homeowners who know and appreciate the benefits of cork (extra cushion, aesthetic versatility) yet prefer the appearance of stone or wood, two new products have recently emerged. Wicanders and Reclaimed utilize surface printing technology to bring you this innovative approach to flooring.

Vinyl Plank

With a wide spectrum of colors, textures, patterns, and styles to choose from, vinyl plank flooring makes an attractive option. Coupled with being 100 percent moisture proof, vinyl plank is making a comeback. In fact, it's leaving such a mark on the industry that what once would have been considered an oxymoron -- luxury vinyl -- is now the phrase du jour for people in the know. According to Scott Humphrey, chief executive of the World Floor Covering Association, vinyl is "the fastest growing portion of the industry in the past two years."

Indeed, vinyl plank flooring is affordable, static-resistant, low maintenance, easily installed, and attractive. In other words, a hit among homeowners.


Innovation and carpeting are rarely couched near one another in the same sentence. However, handmade carpets are a trendy new option for homeowners who want their flooring to become an integral piece of the interior decor composition. Colorful and attractive, carpet can make a bold statement with its patterns, compositions, and textures. In 2018, you can expect to see handmade carpets that reflect a homeowner's roots, such as Persian carpets and Moroccan pieces of art.


Like other flooring trends, tile has been accentuated through innovation. Despite regional variations, many homeowners are opting for tile that is larger than the standard 12-by-12-inches. They are also asking for custom tile work that reflects individual tastes. In Denver, for instance, many people are selecting "modular" tile sizes that are 12-by-24-inches and look like fabric or hardwood.

New technology allows flooring manufacturers to optimize production, challenge standards, and explore variations in texture, patterns, and color. This expanded creativity elevates flooring to an art form. It also ushers in a new era of self-expression among homeowners while aiming to improve the overall health of the planet.



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