Thumbs-up, thumbs-down; it's your choice

Feb. 23, 2018 at 5:21 p.m.


Thumbs-up to reading newspaper articles and books and other materials that stir one's thoughts. Reading along a fresh path, finding an author who opens new windows, exploring from one's armchair - food for the mind.

Pat, Victoria

Thumbs-up to stimulating a combination of joy and curiosity in children.

A child once asked me, "Are the fireflies talking to the twinkling stars?"

I almost replied, "No."

Instead, I just said, "What do you think?"

The child smiled and answered, "I'd like to read about fireflies and stars."

Jane, Victoria

Thumbs-up to the legacy of Billy Graham. He led by example and avoided the pitfalls of temptations that detracted from the Christian message brought by some other evangelists. Reverend Graham's personal morals withstood scrutiny, making him trustworthy. Over six decades, he led millions of people to Christianity and better lives.

Nonie, Victoria

Thumbs-up to Andrew Rice Sr., who was born in Hallettsville on Sept. 6, 1940, and passed away Feb. 11, 2018. He was a truly great man who did so much for the people of Hallettsville.

Andy loved to play a variety of sports, particularly softball. He played football for Texas Southern and went to the American Football League's Kansas City Chiefs in 1965. He will be greatly missed.

Jerry, Hallettsville


Thumbs-down to lack of responsibility in spending habits - whether it be national, state, county, city, adult or child on an allowance.

As a child, I received my allowance for the week on Sunday morning. It was 50 cents. It was to cover my contribution to the Sunday school collection plate, school supplies, incidentals, entertainment and savings. There were some Saturdays that I did not have enough left to pay a dime for popcorn at the movies and also save a nickel, so I had a 5-cent candy bar and banked 5 cents.

The lesson was: Never spend all you are allotted for a period of time because you must accumulate a nest egg. Borrowing was out of the question. Wheedling (looking downcast while asking for an advance on Saturday) never worked.

It is good to have fiscal responsibility at every level, for we do not know what is coming. It is much better to have a nest egg than a goose egg (zero)!

Eloise, Victoria

Thumbs-down to irresponsible people who know they are sick and know others are concerned about getting this season's flu, yet they still go to public places coughing and leaving behind a trail of used tissues!

Mary, Victoria

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