Unger's strike barrage nets week's top score

Feb. 24, 2018 at 9:27 p.m.

Abel Garcia, bowling columnist

Abel Garcia, bowling columnist   Abel Garcia for The Victoria Advocate

Mike Unger was zoned in Thursday night to string together a barrage of strikes during Sundowner League action to earn the high scoring honors for the week. He posted individual games of 269, 261 and 228 for a great series of 758, which is a top career high.

T.J. Mooney also broke the 700 mark in the same league with games of 246, 257 and 232 contributing towards a 735 total.

Other men bowlers breaking the 250-650 mark were Miles Michalec leading the Sugar & Spice League with a 675, Bruce Hammack (673), Joey Matson (264-667), Steve Dickinson( 259-663), Tamarcus Bennett (278-660), Lindy Conner (656) and Eric Smith (256).

Lori Hammack also posted one of her better scores for the year with individual games of 204, 243 and 220 contributing toward a 667 total during Sundowner League action. It looks like bowlers are stepping up their games for the upcoming city tournaments. Happy to see Lori made the big girls column again.

Lisa Williams bowling in the same league rolled a nice 222 high game, which helped toward a 577 set and second high.

Congratulations to Jeff Cass, Trudy, Rachel and Mike Wharton for winning the Lions Club Eye Bank team tournament recently.

Congratulations also go out to the winners of the Victoria USBC Mixed Doubles Tournament a week ago Saturday.

It was a close race with Terri and Glenn Mason winning first place with a score of 1,304 and Lori and Bruce Hammack placing second with a score of 1,300. Side pot winners were Michal Michalec, Beka Cowan, and Bruce Hammack.

The entry forms for the 12th Annual VUSBC Ladies and the Annual VUSBC Open Tournaments are available at the Century Lanes front desk. They can also be downloaded from victoriausbc.com. Entries turned in before midnight March 17 will be eligible for a $100 team entry refund. Get your team roster together and sign up early.

Jakob Butturff, 23, won the PBA 60th Anniversary Classic with a run away victory over Marshall Kent by a score of 244-154. The second seed Kent had beaten Keven Williams 218-210 in the semifinal match but could not find the right ball reaction in the title game.

In the opening match, Shota Kawazoe a 16-time Japan PBA champion made his American TV debut by defeating Matt Sanders 183-160 before losing to Williams 229-225. Needing a mark in the 10th frame for the victory, Kawazoe left a ringing 10 pin and then missed it, preventing him from advancing.

Sunday's 12:30 p.m. ESPN telecast will feature the finals of the Barbasol PBA Players Championship, where Jason Belmonte will be seeking his 10th major title. Following the Players Championship, ESPN will also telecast the Mark Roth/Marshall Holman PBA Doubles Championship.


OVER THE HILL 1ST THE SENIORS Women: C. Goode 463; Men: A. Garcia 235-634; R. Estrada 552; J. Weber 516; M. Almendarez 505; MONDAY MIXED 1ST (tie) HANG THIS! and ON A ROLL Women: B. Cowan 506; Men: S. Dickinson 258-663; T. Bennett 278-660; K. Schupbach 235-638; R. Lyman 631; B. Turek 226-596; C. Youngblood 585; R. Martinez 580; S. Kocian 235-578; D. Rowe 573; J. Cano 237-559; P. Alva 559; M. Redding 558; J. Holbert 553; R. Marques 551; J. Garcia 550; SUGAR & SPICE 1ST (tie) STOREN FRIED and BREW CREW Women: S. Guinn 553; C. Speer 211-550; Men: M. Michalec 237-675; T. Crowe 238-661; S. Miller 238-655; L. Conner 234-652; P. Delgado 640; J. Cass 224-598; L. Stroud 595; L. Hall 590; J. Tweedle 588; M. Stacy 562; W. Hall 558; S. Zeplin 554; CAPTAIN'S 1ST PIN PALS Women: L. Burrows 481; C. Goode 475; SUNDOWNERS 1ST THAT'S A QUARTER Women: L. Hammack 243-667; L. Williams 222-577; E. Fuhrman 521; S. Wharton 519; L. Conchola 515; Men: M. Unger 269-758; T.J. Mooney 257-735; B. Hammack 228-673; J. Matson 264-667; L. Conner 235-656; M. Michalec 234-613; C. Aiken 612; T. Crowe 609; C. Hammack 609; R. Lyman 608; G. Mason 244-606; E. Smith 256-602; M. Stacy 598; D. Marques 244-597; L. Fuhrman 594; D. Richards 592; J. Talbott 590; C. Reynolds 228-589; S. Miller 584; D. Reissig 583; S. Dickinson 239-577; T. Bennett 576; G. Brooks 225-568; M. Mize 558.



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